• LED Flächenleuchten und Panels

    Production of LED panels

LED panels can be made according to your specification

Our LED panels grant an absolute homogenous illumination for large as well as small rooms. A special advantage besides their low energy consumption is their small mounting depth. Due to the small mounting depth our panels are outstandingly suitable for illumination of large rooms or routes in public buildings homogeneously and shadow-free.

LED panels are suitable for

  • implementation in grid ceilings
  • open plan ceiling lights in lifts
  • light panels in walls
  • shadow-free, homogenous illumination of work places

Adjustable light temperature and colour

The light temperature of the LED panels is infinitely variable between cold white and warm white. The controllable range lies between 3000 and 6000 K. Depending on the application areayou can choose between a cosy warm white or a bright cold white.

Alternatively coloured LED-Diodes can be implemented. Those lights produce light within the red-green-blue spectrum and with the use of additional diodes even pure white.


LED Flächenleuchten

Customized manufacturing of LED panels

We produce LED panels with an edge length of x cm You have the choice between white and coloured diodes. Send us your specifications and we give you a quote.