Laser cutting and engraving of acrylic glass and Plexiglas

With our laser-cutting table we can handle acrylic glass / Plexiglas in all colours and variations. It is possible to laser acrylic glass (Plexiglas) in a size up to 1.40 m by 0.90 m.

Acrylic glass cuttings are commonly used for small containers, partition walls and especially in the advertising field, in shop design and POS areas. Displays, logos and lettering signs, illuminated panels are other areas of application. Furthermore, acrylic glass is also used in medical technology.

Acrylic glass or other types of plastics is cut with a laser beam. At the same time the edge is being flame-polished. The quality of the cutting edge is far better than edges that have been sawn or milled. Laser cutting also allows cutting out complex shapes and figures.

Engraving of acrylic glass

With laser technology a great variety designs can be engraved on the surface of acrylic glass.