Grautec - Electronic Components


Grautec manufactures electronic components according to customer’s specifications.
We do prototypes, small scale series and full scale production.
Our key competences are contract manufacturing and in-house development in the
area of:

  • assembly of Printed Circuit Boards (also prototypes) including layout design.
  • development and production of copy protection modules for automotive electronics.
  • manufacturing of components for consumer electronics (displays)

Our copy protection modules come with special software developed by us which
allows individual adjustments. If required the modules can be equipped and
configured variably.

We assemble Printed Circuit Boards with our pic-and-place machines with even the
tiniest components, which you can purchase from us. Alternatively you can supply
those components and we do the assembling.

If required, in order to get the best possible results we are ready to do the PCB
routing and optimization. 

Acryl processing /surface area lights

We are able to produce surface area lights according to your specifications and measurements. Our surface lights can be integrated perfectly into ceilings and walls due to their slender design. We only use LEDs with changeable colours, which you can adjust anytime according to your needs. The surfaces are homogenously bright, low in maintenance cost and energy consumption.

Additionally, we machine acrylic and Plexiglas with our laser cutter according to your wishes and needs. Also in processing acrylic we do individual pieces as well as small scale production.


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